Watch Us Grow

As the programs at Montessori Nature School begin to take shape, our intent is to be responsive to the needs of children and families. To this end, we gradually introducing different programs and stagger start dates in order to best accommodate the growing interest among local families. Initially, our classes have limited spaces, but enrollment availability grows over time as our program offerings expand and we move into a larger space!

Our Story

Year 1: 2017-2018

Our inaugural year was an exciting one, gathering steam as the school grew through the seasons.

  • Summer 2017 was chock-full of free, nature-based outdoor classes for young children and their families in the local community.

  • In Fall 2017, we kicked off Hand in Hand (our Montessori parent-child class) which met once each week. In addition, we hosted holiday-themed story times at local Lenoir businesses.

  • Our Winter 2018 Hand in Hand program expanded to meet twice each week and enrolled even more families. We also held a series of Family Music Classes to celebrate the season.

  • Spring 2018 brought with it an expansion to holding three classes each week to accommodate the growing demand from current families. With the addition of more classes, we were also able to welcome in several new families as well!

  • In Summer of 2018, we continued to offer family-friendly community programs throughout the summer months. We also had our hands extremely full working to open our Primary program (preschool and kindergarten) in September of 2018.

Year 2: 2018-2019

Our second year promised to be a busy one and has not disappointed! In addition to our parent-child classes, we also launched our half-day school-year program for preschool and kindergarten students. We expanded our staff to include other educators and specialists, allowing us to offer a wider variety of classes/events.

Our initial goal was to enroll an inaugural Primary class starting with 10 to 12 students in September 2018 (done—check!). Our first cohort is comprised of 3- to 5-year-olds (a few younger, a few older). This mixed-age grouping also allows for a large number of re-enrolling students in subsequent years. We hope to continue to expand up to 15 students (as space allows) by the end of our school year in May 2019.

This summer, we will continue to offer family-friendly nature classes in the community as well as our Hand in Hand class (parent-child Montessori playgroup).

Year 3: 2019-2020

As our oldest students graduate from MNS and move on to local elementary schools, we will continue to enroll students in our Primary program until we have reached a maximum class size of 16-20 preschool and kindergarten students (between the ages of 3 and 6). In addition, we will expand our enrichment offerings to include world languages, home-school opportunities, etc.

And best of all, MNS will put down roots in our new location! Stay tuned for more information . . .