Parents as Partners

Blurring the boundaries between school and home, we place a tremendous priority on parent education and giving parents an integral role in the classroom. The families of Montessori Nature School understand the role that parents play in the education of children and welcome the opportunity to be an active part of their child's education process.


Parent Cooperative

Volunteer your time.

Families support the school by contributing their time and talents to a variety of projects in our school community. At MNS, parents agree to volunteer a minimum of 10 hours each school year (per family) in support of the children, our teachers, our classrooms, and school events.

Apprentice in the classroom.

Parents are invited to observe and/or volunteer regularly in the classroom. We believe that apprenticing in the classroom as a regular volunteer is one way to create an ideal child-directed environment at home and school.


Be Engaged

Communicate with us.

MNS families meet with our teachers during regularly scheduled parent conferences. Families and caregivers are encouraged to read newsletters, respond to e-mails, and ask questions. We are available to share insights and to answer any questions you might have.

Support the school.

To further inspire a close and supportive community, we offer educational and social events throughout the year for families. We expect that all families are aware of school policies and procedures, attend our Parent Education events, and read articles and books about Montessori education.

Want to learn more?  Be sure to check out this fantastic video featuring Montessori parents explaining why they chose Montessori for their child(ren).