A Micro-School

The term "micro-school" is a relatively new one in the field of education. Since the phrase was coined in 2010, the concept has taken on many shapes and iterations. A clear definition for the term is still in the works, but most would agree that micro-schools have these defining characteristics in common.

  • Schools are small, enrolling a maximum of 100 (sometimes up to 150) students.
  • Grades served are most often preschool and elementary years, some extending to middle and high school as well.
  • Class sizes are small, often 12-16 students depending on the age level enrolled.
  • Multiple ages learn together in a single classroom; students often remain with the same teacher for multiple years.
  • The role of the teacher is more of a guide than a ringmaster or lecturer; instruction emphasizes learning through process rather than product.
  • The end result is a highly personalized, individualized education where families play an integral role in both the home and the school.

Think one-room schoolhouse meets home schooling.

At MNS, we have our own distinct way of bringing our own micro-school to life.

  • Our family community is close-knit--our shared values bring us together to learn and to play.
  • Our school programs are small in scale--starting with just one classroom and eventually growing to 2 - 3 classrooms.
  • Our class sizes are intimate--varying from 15 to 20 children enrolled in each classroom with low teacher-student ratios.
  • Our physical space is cozy--child-sized with homey furnishings.