Hand in Hand Tuition

Tuition and Fees

Each of our seasonal Hand in Hand sessions is priced individually and varies according to the number of classes that season. In addition, each family is charged a supplies fee for the use of water-proof, outdoor gear for your child, to help us build and expand our inventory of Montessori learning materials, and to replenish consumable materials.

MNS 2019-2020 Tuition Schedule


Please be advised that all tuition and fees must be paid in full before each seasonal session begins and are non-refundable. But before you write that check, see if you can take advantage of one (or more!) of these discounts:

  • Sibling discount: Families registering more than one child per seasonal session will pay full tuition for one child (the greater of the tuitions) and will receive 10% off for the second child (the lesser of the tuitions). And remember that non-walking siblings may attend (under close supervision by accompanying adult) at no additional charge.

  • Co-op scholarship: Additional tuition discounts may be earned by contributing parent co-op hours in addition to the minimum seasonal commitment of 3 hours per family (ask us about details).

There is no such thing as bad weather—only bad clothes.
— Swedish saying

Outdoor Gear

We do spend time outdoors every single day--in the rain, wind, snow, you name it (nature is our middle name, after all). So just as we provide all of the supplies for indoor activities, we also provide the children with the right equipment to take part in outdoor learning opportunities as well. Outdoor gear is provided for every MNS student: water-proof rain pants as well as a water-proof hooded rain jacket. This outdoor gear will remain at school at all times.

Each child AND adult in attendance at Hand in Hand is REQUIRED to wear water-proof, pull-on outdoor boots that have a hard sole and supportive inserts. These will be worn to/from school each day. We will also wear our boots outdoors EVERY day, whether we are exploring our schoolyard or working in the garden. We strongly RECOMMEND that every adult in attendance keep a pair of water-proof rain pants at school too.

**Wet and/or cold weather may necessitate other outdoor garments. While the items listed above will remain at school, the following items (which will remain at home) are RECOMMENDED to be available on an as-needed basis as dictated by weather conditions. These items are as follows: 

  • Fleece jackets are recommended as they may be worn under water-proof jackets and still offer the child maximum comfort without limiting range of movement

  • A hat/hood that covers the crown of the head and ears (wool or fleece is highly recommended for thermal quality and water resistance)

  • Water-proof mittens (much easier than gloves!). Wool/fleece fabric pairs offer maximum flexibility and a more flexible grip than coated fabric ones (like ski gloves).

  • Water-proof thermal socks (wool or fleece) will be worn over cotton socks inside of outdoor boots in colder weather.


Indoor Supplies

To complete the enrollment process, each family is requested to bring the following items in to school prior to the start of each seasonal session:

  • One complete seasonally-appropriate change of clothing for your child (includes top, bottom, undergarment, socks, and spare shoes). This clothing will remain at school in the event of a large spill, muddy fall, toileting accident, etc.

  • One pair of indoor shoes for both the child AND his/her adult partner. Indoor shoes must be plain (no light-ups, media characters, etc.) and have a rubber, water-proof sole. Some suggestions are crocs, Toms, or other slip-on shoes that your child can put on independently. These will be worn at all times while indoors at school.

In addition, each family will provide and prepare a healthy snack for all of the children on a rotating basis (lots of suggestions available!).