Parent Co-Op Program

MNS was established as a "co-operative" (or co-op) school. Our Parent Co-op Program helps us keep tuition down and provides a unique learning experience for our children. We have intentionally structured our program to require the involvement of families. Here's why.


Co-op hours = lower tuition costs.

Being a co-op program allows us to keep tuition down while providing a unique learning experience for our children. When families pitch in, we are able to minimize our costs, allowing us to keep tuition rates affordable. Our Parent Co-op Program provides families with many opportunities for meaningful participation in the day-to-day as well as long-range operations at MNS. By working together, we can continue to keep tuition low and enthusiasm high.


For us, co-op means “community.”

Embracing the co-op model means intentionally designing activities to help us all grow as individuals and as a community. We ask all of our parents to donate time and talents to the school. In addition to attending events, we ask that all families participate in the every-day workings of the school. Here are some examples of MNS co-op hours at work:

  • Take care of minor repairs and maintenance in the classroom and on the grounds.
  • Organize a fundraiser for the school.
  • Coordinate a family field trip.
  • Promote the school in the community and contribute to our website.
  • Attend open houses and recruitment events; give tours and provide information to families of prospective students.
  • Organize social events and foster community spirit at the school.
  • Provide snack for the classroom.
  • Facilitate the checkout and return of library materials.

Family involvement cultivates a real sense of community and gives parents the opportunity to work with teachers and meet other parents while making a very real contribution to the school. When children see the adults in their lives active in their school, it shapes their perception of the importance of education and strengthens their school experience. 


There is a place for everyone in the Parent Co-Op.

Ultimately, you can participate as much as you can be involved. For example, you can help organize an Earth Day event that might need two weeks of planning, or you could participate as a board member, having monthly meetings and daily involvement. Part of what makes the Co-op successful is not the quantity of involvement but that each member fulfills what they sign up for. Just remember that every moment spent participating in Co-op helps provide an enriched experience for all of our children!