Community Spirit

To say "we can't do it without you" is a huge understatement. Montessori Nature School is truly a community effort. As a young and growing organization, MNS relies on the generosity of our community partners and our families who share their passions and talents with our school community.

We connect children with the community by partnering with local businesses. We believe that the integration of children and families into the daily fabric of the neighborhood enriches all of our lives. We make our work transparent to the community, from opportunities for passers-by to stop and observe our classrooms to the presence of children in local eateries. By collaborating with local businesses, we hope to design a sustainable urban garden and outdoor play space for which both the school and its neighborhood partners can care.

Our regular information sessions inform the community about our work. We measure our program's effectiveness by its influence on enrolled children and their families as well as by the impact we make on the city beyond our own walls. 

In the years to come, MNS will be vastly enriched by the support of families, community partners, and like-minded organizations. With the collaboration of each individual, we will weave together the many individual strands of support into a rich tapestry of children, learning, and loving.