School-Year Calendar

Check out our MNS Calendar 2018-2019. Whenever possible, we schedule our programs to coincide with the calendar of our local public schools. In general, we schedule school closures in order to allow for parent conferences, teacher in-service, professional development, and general maintenance of the school.

*NOTE: In the event of inclement weather, we follow the lead of our local public schools for cancellations, delayed openings, or early dismissals.


Calendar of Events

Montessori Nature School is committed to introducing families in the local area to the Montessori method in a number of ways. All year long, we offer several free (or low-cost), kid-friendly events that are open to all families in the local community.

From storytime in local businesses, to family nature field trips, and child-led nature hikes--there's something for everybody! These outreach events (playgroups, field trips, family events, parenting courses, etc.) are geared toward either children, parents, or families. And all of these community events are open to the public. So come out and bring a friend!

  • Kids of all ages love our nature-themed events (story times, art experiences, nature walks).

  • Parents enjoy learning about Montessori and MNS at adults-only events (info sessions, book clubs, and hands-on workshops).

  • Families have a blast together on family field trips and movie nights.

At all of these community events, our goal is that all families may participate, regardless of economic means. In order to foster socioeconomic diversity in all of our events, we will keep costs to a minimum.