Animal Homes

This week's Woodland Detectives were on the hunt for animal habitats!  We gathered under the picnic shelter for story time. We read Castles, Caves, and Honeycombs by Linda Ashman to learn about some of the interesting homes that animals build/create. After reading the book, we decided WE could build one of our own--a nest large enough to hold us all. Check out the pics below to see our NESTerpiece!

After building in the hot sun, we decided to head into the cool, shaded forest to locate some animal homes in the wild. On our woods walk, we discovered ants who had built a network of tunnels in a decaying stump, a spider's elaborate web, signs of a woodpecker on the hunt for a place to roost, and several crevices filled with twigs and pine needles by prospective bird residents. Comparing a wasp nest and a mud dauber nest was very interesting--two very similar creatures living in two entirely different habitats.

Hope to see everyone at our next nature class--ECO-ART on Tuesday, July 25th 10-11am at Tuttle Educational State Forest. Be sure to RSVP as classes are filling fast!