Tuition and Fees

All too often, high-quality educational models are accessible to only those families who can afford high tuition. This perpetuates a discrepancy in educational outcomes between those families with and those without resources. We work to address this discrepancy by limiting the financial demands of the school.

  • We have intentionally created a micro-school to minimize expenses while maximizing connections.

  • Similarly, our co-op model allows for families to contribute their time and talents--not just their tuition dollars. We never want price to be a barrier for any family, so we have created several ways for families to reduce their tuition costs. Just ask!

Keeping MNS Affordable

We'd like to share with you a bit about our philosophy and method in establishing tuition rates at MNS. While there are many factors that influence our decision-making, we always strive to offer exceptional programs to families at an affordable price.

Market Research: When launching any new program at Montessori Nature School, we start by casting a wide net to identify other Montessori programs in our region, studying their program offerings and comparable tuition models. Next, we closely evaluate the programs in our local area that are available to families and children to determine what services they provide. We also perform extensive market research on the economic statistics of our local area, our local families with young children.

Determining Cost: Once we have identified an opportunity to offer a program to meet the needs of families and children, then we do the meticulous work of identifying what it will actually cost us to offer that program.

Accessibility: Fostering socioeconomic diversity in the classroom is important to us, so we constantly work to maintain accessibility, regardless of means. We are committed to our school reflecting the socioeconomic diversity of the community. We strive to keep tuition as low as possible to ensure accessibility and offer co-op discounts and scholarships to families as we are able. We are also committed to building diversity through outreach programs which may include free or low-cost parenting courses and playgroups that introduce community families to the Montessori method. And finally, we seek out sponsorships with local businesses in the community to further reduce our costs and free up funds for families in need.

Spirit of Generosity: We strive to devise innovative tuition models to meet the demands of a wide variety of families. Our goal is to enable families to contribute to their child's education in ways that enrich the community while helping us reduce operating costs. Please contact us to learn more about ways to make MNS affordable for your family.